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Course Schedule

HypnoBirthing course consists of 5 classes, one class per week. 

         Weekend morning classes: 9:00am - 11:30am (in person class)

         Class 1: Jul 6, 2024  (Sat)                                         
         Class 2: Jul 13, 2024 (Sat)                                       
         Class 3: Jul 20, 2024  (Sat)                                       
         Class 4: Jul 27
, 2024  (Sat)                                  
         Class 5: Aug 3, 2024  (Sat)    

         Weekend Morning classes: 9:00am - 11:30am (in person class)     
         Class 1: Aug 24, 2024  (Sat)                                
         Class 2: Aug 31, 2024 (Sat)                                       
         Class 3: Sept 7, 2024  (Sat)                                       
         Class 4: Sept 15
, 2024  (Sun)                         
         Class 5: Sept 21, 2024  (Sat)

*** No double discounts except the group discount

Group Tuition Fee: $375 

Fee includes textbook, audio practice download cards, and parent handouts booklet. 

Private Tuition Fee: $650, you can enjoy


The flexibility of class dates & time
                Classes can be conducted on weekdays or weekends and you can choose any morning, afternoon         or nighttime sessions.


The flexibility of locations
                Classes can be conducted at our downtown office or at your place.


The flexibility of number of people attending classes
                Not only your birth companion, but anyone who will be attending your birth are welcomed to take the class together, for example, siblings, parents or doula etc. 

Application Form

To apply and secure place in class, please send the application form with  $100 tuition deposit to HypnoVivi. 


  • Pay deposit by Check
    Please mail in application form with $100 check deposit to HypnoVivi. 


       Make Check Payable to: HypnoVivi LLC 

       Mail to: 1088 Bishop Street #1712 , Honolulu, HI 96813

  • Pay deposit by Venmo
    Please contact HypnoVivi for more information. 

  • Pay deposit by Credit Card

       Please email application form to Once received, you will receive an invoice via email 

       requesting for credit card payment of $100 for the class deposit. 
       Please note: there is an additional 2.75% charge for credit card processing fee. 

*** The remaining tuition fee shall be collected at the first class. 

*** Cash, check, Venmo and credit card is accepted. 

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