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HypnoBirthing Book

This is an easy-to-read and understand guide to HypnoBirthing. Through the philosophy and technique, you will learn to use self-hypnosis, guided imagery, special breathing methods and other techniques to bring you a shorter, easier, and more joyful birthing. 

Rainbow Relaxation CD

Recorded by Marie Mongan. 

It is commended to listen to this CD daily to let the moms conditioned with relaxation and birthing affirmations. 

Comfort Zone - Relaxation Music

Relax with Steven Halpern's music to enter your personal comfort zone. Enjoy this beautiful compositions of solo grand piano and electric piano piano. Ideal use for letting go of stress. 

HypnoParenting CD

Continue with hypnosis and affirmations for new parents, remain calm and relax after the baby has arrived. 

Hypnosis for Making More Milk CD

Deeply relaxed listening to this CD while experiencing the benefits of increasing milk flow. Research showed that women who used an audiotape of guided imagery increased their milk supply as much as 121% compared to the group of women not listening to the audiotape. 

Hypnosis for Pumping Breastmilk CD

Guided imagery for successful pumping while experiencing the healthful benefits of deep relaxation. 

Birthing Affirmations Stork Cards

A set of 30 different birthing affirmation stock cards. Convenient to bring around with you or stick them to places where you would like to look at the affirmations. 


"Please, only happy birth stories, my baby is listening" 
Use this button to show others what your baby would love to hear. 

Tote Bag

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